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SEBI - Registered Investment Adviser
Challenging Career with high growth opportunities
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Registered Investment Adviser

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NISM-Series- X- A : Investment Adviser (Level I) Certification

Program Highlights

Investment Adviser Certification

Level I - NISM -Series - X - A


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Introduction to Indian Financial Market

  • Understand the macro-economic parameters of Indian Economy
  • Understand the features of Indian Financial Markets
  • Know the structure of Indian Financial Markets
  • Understand the role of the participants in the Indian Financial Markets
  • Know the role of various Regulators regulating Indian Financial Markets

Securities Market Segments

  • Understand the nature, functions and types of issues in Primary Markets
  • Know the role and function of Secondary Markets
  • Understand the various types of various Corporate Actions

Mutual Funds

  • Understand the meaning and features of a mutual fund
  • Know the key terms and concepts associated with mutual funds
  • Know the regulatory framework for mutual funds
  • Know the various types of mutual fund products
  • Understand the taxation of Mutual Fund Products
  • Know the investment options in mutual funds
  • Know the processes associated with investing in mutual funds
  • Understand the uses and processes of conducting systematic transactions
  • List the benefits of investing with mutual funds

Investment Products

  • Understand the various types of small savings instruments
  • Understand the various types of fixed income / debt instruments
  • Know the various types of alternate investments
  • Know the concept of direct equity as an investment option

Managing Investment Risk

  • Know the concept of Risk
  • Know the Common Types of Risk
  • Understand the ways of measuring risk

Measuring Investment Returns

  • Understand the concept of returns
  • Understand the various return concepts
  • Understand the concept of compounding
  • Know the computation of Real rate of return vs. nominal return
  • Know the computation of Tax adjusted return
  • Understand the concept of Risk-adjusted Returns

Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies

  • Know the various Asset classes
  • Learn about Portfolio construction
  • Understand the concept of Practical asset allocation and Rebalancing Strategies
  • Know the need for portfolio monitoring and re-balancing

Securities Market Segments

  • Understand the nature, functions and types of issues in Primary Markets
  • Know the role and function of Secondary Markets
  • Understand the various types of various Corporate Actions

Insurance Planning

  • Understand the need for insurance in personal finance
  • List the requirements for a risk to be insurable
  • Understand the role of insurance in personal finance.
  • Know the various steps involved in Insurance Planning
  • Know the types of Insurance Products
  • Understand about the Life Insurance Products
  • Understand about the Non-Life Insurance Products
  • Understand the life insurance needs analysis (Human life approach, Needs approach)

Retirement Planning

  • Understand the retirement planning process
  • Understand and estimate retirement corpus
  • Determine the retirement corpus
  • Learn about the various retirement products and their features

Tax and Estate Planning

  • Understand Income tax principles
  • Understand Tax aspects of Investment products
  • Learn about the Wealth Tax Act and its implication for clients
  • Know about Estate Planning

Regulatory Environment and Ethical Issues

  • Understand the provisions of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013
  • Understand the overall framework of the regulatory system
  • Learn about the roles of regulators: MoF, MCA, SEBI, RBI, IRDA, PFRDA
  • Understand the role of Self regulatory organizations
  • Understand the provisions of PMLA, 2002
  • Know the codes of conduct by SEBI, AMFI, etc
  • Know the ethical issues in providing financial advice
  • Understand investor complaint redressal mechanism

NISM-Series- X- B : Investment Adviser (Level II) Certification

Program Highlights

Investment Adviser Certification

Level II - NISM -Series - X - B


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Understanding Securities Markets and Performance

  • Know the working of equity markets
  • Understand key equity market indicators
  • Know the risk and return from equity investing
  • Learn about the various tools and options in equity investing – direct, IPOs, Mutual funds and PMS
  • Know the working of debt markets
  • Understand debt market analytics and indicators
  • Understand risk and return in debt investing
  • Learn about the various debt products – saving schemes, bonds, deposits and debt mutual funds.
  • Understand derivative markets, products and strategies
  • Understand how derivatives can be used to hedge
  • Know the interpretation of derivative indicators
  • Understand the structure of Foreign Exchange Market; difference between spot and forward exchange rates; settlement periods; effect of interest rates
  • Know calculation of forward exchange rates using: premiums and discounts; interest rate parity

Knowing Operational Aspects of financial transactions

  • Know Investor types and the acquisition process
  • Learn about PAN, KYC and other processes
  • Know about the processes of Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation
  • Learn about the PoA and other agreements
  • Understand the processes involved for account opening of NR investors
  • Consolidating, reorganising and folio-keeping
  • Understand the process flow in Special situations: minor turns major, NRI to RI and RI to NRI
  • Know the Operational aspects related to joint accounts, lien, nomination, transmission
  • Learn about the documentation required for financial advice

Personal Financial Planning

  • Learn about the computation and interpretation of personal finance ratios
  • Understand cash flow analysis and determine surplus
  • Understand Budgetary mechanism for households
  • Understand contingency planning
  • Understand about the estimation of financial goals

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Understanding Leverage and debt counselling
  • Understand Interpretation of liquidity, investment and long-term needs
  • Learn about Prioritising and Financing the financial goals
  • Learn about Risk profiling and processes in financial planning
  • Know about evaluating insurance needs for life and general insurance
  • Know about evaluating choices in retirement planning
  • Understand about the preparation and interpretation of comprehensive financial planning solutions for the household

Product analysis and selection

  • Understanding risk, return and portfolio construction principles
  • Learn about Return targets, risk profile and optimisation
  • Understand the impact of market cycles on asset allocation and product selection
  • Know about evaluation and selection of equity funds, debt funds and other funds
  • Learn about portfolio performance and evaluate the investment alternatives
  • Understand the evaluation of mutual fund portfolios for revisions and rebalancing
  • Understand and Interpret the impact of elements of macroeconomic policies on asset allocation
  • Understand behavioural biases in decision making and portfolio management

Regulatory and Compliance Aspects

  • Understand Disclosure requirements
  • Understand compliances related to transactions
  • Learn about document costing, taxation and procedures
  • Understand Regulation relating to insurance, pension and investment products
  • Understand Investor queries, grievance redressal, and service elements

Case studies in Comprehensive Financial Advice

Understand practical aspects of providing financial advice through case studies

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Certification Partners

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) is engaged in developing certification examinations for professionals employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets. These examinations are being developed by NISM as mandated under SEBI. The NISM Certifications Portal is a a centralized portal for access to all information related to NISM Certification Examinations as well as Continuing Professional Education (CPE). The portal also provides educational content to educate and help professionals entering the securities markets.

Microsoft Office Certification

Microsoft Office Certification is now get a reorganization in the field of analytical field of banking & finance for those looking to demonstrate proficiency in one or more Office programs. Productivity certification is for those looking to use Microsoft Office and deploy Microsoft Office cloud and hybrid solutions. Differentiate yourself with this competency as a proven expert in Office skills.

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Certified Financial Planner is an ace program for those who wants to become financial doctor for every individual who want to strengthen our financial goals and help them to achieve . Certified Financial Planner program covers Investment Planning, analytical skills, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, risk & insurance planning

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Chartered Market Technician are ideal for those professionals who want to explore in depth knowledge & practical implication of Technical Analysis & investment Analysis. Professional Training Academy design the preparation in modules which make them easier for student to understand the concept in practical. Our Institute provide the real time market and portfolio exposure to all CMT students to develop their independent research.

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Professional Training Academy introduced Certified Market Professional program for those who want to start their career in the field of Stock Markets, Portfolio Management, Equity Research & Derivative Analyst. Certified Market Professionals are required by stock brokers, investment firms & wealth Management Companies.
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Certifications Programs

NISM Certification creates a common Threshold knowledge benchmark for all associated person registered as investment advisers, partners and representatives of investment advisers, under SEBI(Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and offers investment advisory services. Know the basics of investment advisory, steps in the advisory process, making and implementation of financial plan. Understand how to evaluate different products, their suitability.Get oriented to the Income tax, Wealth tax and legalities of Estate.Understanding the structure and performance of securities markets & importance of assets allocation & portfolio management.

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NISM Certification are designed for professionals employed in various segments of the Indian securities markets. These examinations are mandatory as a vocational qualification by SEBI for all employees of Intermediaries. NISM Certification main aim to provide conceptual understanding of financial markets & mechanism of capital markets.

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Microsoft Office Certification provide analytical skills for those who are looking to use Microsoft Office. Differentiate yourself with this competency as a proven expert in Office Skills. Microsoft Office Certification provide a extra edge to the candidate which prove her expertise in the use of Microsoft office .Get hired, demonstrate clear business impact, and advance your skills. Microsoft offers a wide range of online certification programs designed to take your career to the next level.

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Cambridge Business English Certification target different levels. The Content for each exam is based on every day work and business tasks and is designed to develop your business English skills.Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. It combines the experience and expertise of Cambridge English Language Assessment.Cambridge English is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to delivering educational excellence,providing increased opportunities for learners and teachers, offering value to teachers, educational institutions and employers,promoting language learning to benefit society as a whole.

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