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Best Technical Analysis Training in Dubai

Under the guidance of professional training academy in Dubai, capital city in the United Arab Emirates

Learn Technical Analysis across all International Markets

International Equities

Provide access of global investment opportunities for mutual funds or exchange traded funds to invest in stocks of companies

International Forex

Access of exchange of one currency to another currency by expecting that the price will change in your favor

International Commodities

Gives you access to buy and sell primary products or raw materials such as silver, gold, metal, led, copper, nickel, crude oil, Agri commodities

Crypto Currency

Exchange of digital money such Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash to another digital money, a digital alternative

Technical Analysis Course Syllabus

Our technical Analysis Course syllabus is designed to teach students basic and advanced strategies 


  • Trade Execution Process
  • Trading Success
  • Type of Analysis
  • Trade Style
  • Price Movement Cycle
  • Model Portfolio
  • Trade Emotional Cycle
  • Required Skills
  • Top 10 Common Mistake by Trader


  • Basic of Chartings
  • Charts Based on Time
  • Charts Bases on Price
  • Scale of Charts
  • Software Access & Its Application
  • Trading Terms
  • Order Management (Bracket Order ,
    Training Stop Loss etc)


  • Single Candlestick Pattern
    – Hammer V/s Inverted Hammer
    – Doji & its Types
    – High Wave Tide & Hanging Man
  • Two Candle Stick Pattern
    – Application & Identification Technique
    – Bullish Engulfing V/s Bearish Engulfing
    – Piercing Line V/s Dark Cloud
    – Bullish Harami V/s Bearish Harami
    – Application & Identification Technique
  • Three Candle Stick Pattern
    – Morning Star V/s Evening Star
    – Three Black Crow V/s Three White Soldiers
    – Application & Identification Technique


  • Importance of Trends • How to Identify
  • Trend Series
  • Trend Lines & Channels
  • Moving Average
  • Super Trend
  • Outcome of Trend Breakout
  • How to Draw correct Trend Lines?
  • How to Identify Channels? Equidistant Channel Line


  • Moving Average
  • Band Bollinger
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Elliot Wave
  • Pivot Point
  • Fibonacci Extension
  • Price Patterns
  • Gann Square of 9 (Intraday)
  • Camarilla Pivot (Intraday)
  • Renko Chart
  • Super Trend


  • How to apply which tool in different market
  • Indicators & Oscillators
  • Average Directional Movement (ADX)
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Envelope
  • MACD (With Histogram)
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Price Rate-of Change
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Stochastic
  • On Balance Volume (OBV)
  • Money Flow Index (MFI)


  • Intraday Trade Setups
  • Momentum Trade Setups
  • Positional Trade Setups
  • Value Investment Trade Setups
  • Risk – Reward Ratios
  • Trade Management


  • Importance of Money Management
  • Trading Strategy for Different Market Condition
  • Rule Book
  • Trading Discipline
  • Application of Technical Analysis on Virtual Money & Live Trading
  • Trading Phycology

Advantages of Technical Analysis Course

There will be a long term benefits after pursuing technical analysis course training 

Market Trend

technical Analysis Course Training will provide you better understanding of market upward trends, down ward, sideways trends & price movements.

Indicator Cosistancy

Study of technical Analysis Course gives you consistent data with any market bias indicators that reflects degree of deviation between stock price.

Market Entry & Exit

For an individual it's very important to know when not to enter into market and when need to exit from market which can be too early or too late.

Set Targets & Stop Loss

While Trading in market generally people tend to be emotional to makes decisions that lead to losses and by using technical analysis you can set profit targets.

Market Psychology

Market News and Tends Creates a high movement in the market which makes people panic and greedy because there are lot of emotions involved.

Early Signals

Easy Signals gives you the ability to see the early warning signals of the market and signals of entry and exit at the right time in the market

Tools & Techniques

Tools & techniques gives you the skills of using tools such as Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger Band, Moving Averages and Patterns.

Strategy Optimisation

Using Technical Analysis you will be able to make your own strategies and back testing of strategies on dummies data to determine which gives you best result.

Technical Analysis Expert in Dubai

Meet with your professional technical analysis course expert who will guide you

Founder - Rohan Sharma

Meet Rohan Sharma, an India-based technical analysis expert in Dubai. He has expertise in understanding the financial markets’ complexity. With a deep knowledge of fundamental and technical aspects of reading charts, patterns, and indicators, he has a proven record of his success. Typically he is a CFP, CS, CMT Coach, and a Registered SEBI Investment Advisor, also a Research analyst. Sir has more than 13 years of expertise in the stock market technical analysis field and mentoring talents to be a perfectionist. He is skilled in reading chart patterns, indicators and oscillators, price patterns, and technical analysis.

Rohan Sharma

(CFP, Chartered Secretary (CS), CMT Coach)

Career Pathways with Technical Analysis

Variety of career opportunities are welcome you after pursuing the technical analysis course in Dubai 

Technical & Fundamental Analyst

In a stock's underlying business, a technical analyst works to identify short- to medium-term trades, and a fundamental analyst works to try long-term investments.

Derivative Analyst

A derivatives analyst works to analyze and evaluate the value of financial instruments and contracts based on stock underlying commodities and currencies.

Investment Advisors

Investment Advisor is more than a consultant who has vast financial knowledge, advice to people for what securities they should buy or not.

Institutional Dealer

Institutional dealer usually deals on selling and buying securities, manage accounts of a group and institutions on a large size and trade more products.

Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager has a immense knowledge of products and services, assists clients with financial advice of stock market.

Compliance & Operations

Responsible for ensuring that the company follows the laws and regulations established by various regulatory agencies such as the NSE, BSE, MCX, NSDL, and SEBI.

Technical Stock Analysis Tool & Technqiues

This technical analysis program has multiple career pathways to make financial and investment decisions


Bullish candlestick patterns (hammer candlestick pattern, Inverse hammer, Bullish engulfing, Piercing line, Morning star, Three white soldiers), Bearish candlestick patterns (Hanging man, Shooting star, Bearish engulfing, Evening star


Introduce you with Popular bar chart patterns such as Inside bar, Inside body narrow range, Outside bar, Two bar reversal patterns (Bullish and Bearish Pattern), Three bar reversal patterns (similar to the outside bar pattern)


Derivative analysis done for the daily future and market report and research which provides live market information, market outlook, trading strategies in stocks, Future and options trading practical approach,


Basic Concepts of Fundamentals Analysis, Portfolio Management Strategies, Economic Analysis, Stock Selection Process, Company Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Valuation Methods


Good understanding of regulations of SEBI that companies must comply such as listing requirements, delisted companies requirements, securities allotments, trading permissions, depositories


Commodity include those goods that can be mined into oil and gold. and when we go with forex exchanges and markets then global markets trades in currencies like euro, rupee, dollar and yen.


We includes Software such as Sharekhan's Trade Tiger allows you market scanning, charting, advanced trading, Meta Trader 4 used for forex financial trading and market analysis, AMI Broker used for F&O, stock scanning


You need to work on strategies used for industry standards research with the answer of why you chose that particular strategy, risk assessments, use of data analysis tools and techniques


Our technical analysis course train to the students to get the certificates of equity, fundamental and technical analysis, derivatives, Compliances, Risk Management & Mutual funds with the completion of exam


Technical analysis course has multiple career pathways to make financial and investment decisions

Technical Analysis Course FAQ's

Technical analysis course has multiple career pathways to make financial and investment decisions

What makes a good technical analyst?

A good technical analyst should have skills in critical thinking to provide market forecasts and reports after combining the datasets and analysing them. Analytical skills for the analysis of technical data to relate it to business strategies, Communication skills to exchange information and enhance workflow and coordination.

Yes, technical analysis techniques work on crypto as well to know the market movement. Through the analysis of crypto charts, traders can make better decisions with the help of technical indicators.

The technical analysis course takes one and a half months to learn the basic to advanced skills of technical analysis, which will include the learning of technical charts and patterns, understanding of market movements, strategies, and analysis of datasets using technical analysis tools and indicators.

Technical analyst read charts and dataset to understand stock market price movements, examine the support and resistance and use to technical indicators to do reporting and forecasting based on live market dataset.

Professional Training Academy is leading as one of the best technical analysis course providing professional training institutes in India, and now it has opened another wing in Dubai as well.

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CMT Level 1 Study Material

As a matter of fact you can watch live market trading that helps you to connect with CMT. Join a Technical Analysis Course which works on real time markets by using tools & techniques . That’ll give you behavioural understanding of real time Share market. Understanding the money management by real time trading or investment activity. As we know CMT is an MCQ Exam & ask question on application level. Create short notes of Course Content. Get PPT based Short Notes & note interpretation of tools & Techniques on technical analysis. Short Notes help you out to quick revision at the CMT exam time. CMT Books have very complicated language & course content is not properly aligned as it takes topics from various books of different writers. 

So we have to take individual topics and understand concepts in simple, Concise and Clear manner. Take content from various books or websites like Investopedia or Stock Charts on Each Topic for in-depth understanding. Apply tools & techniques with the help of Technical analysis or trading software’s. Read Books twice as MCQ can be created from a single line. while study mark important topics.