Apart from public banks, there are various NBFCs or Non-banking financial companies which offer same assistance regarding home loans. These companies also offer home loans to individuals. However, the loan amount offered by NBFC is greater than what it is offered by public or private banks. Even, the eligibility criteria are slightly different from that of banks. The top ten non-banking financial companies which provide housing loans are discussed below in detail:
  1. Indiabulls Housing Finance – Maximum people hope or dream of owning a house which they can call it as home. The efforts by Indiabulls Housing Finance loan are focused towards fulfilling these hopes and dreams of people. They have given housing loans of worth Rs. 1.3 lakh crore in the last financial year. They have a huge workforce to meet the demands and help out the customers in selecting the correct loan.
The values which they follow are:
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Customers as priority
  • Utmost professionalism
The fundamental features offered by Indiabulls Housing Finance are:
  • They offer maximum loan on the total cost of the property along with the cost of the land. Sometimes they even offer 90% of the cost of the property but it depends on the capacity of the customer in repaying the loan.
  • The interest rate offered is very adjustable.
  • The maximum tenure is also as long as your retirement age.
  • They offer housing loan for various kind of purposes.
  • Applicants, as well as co-applicants, can repay the loan.
  1. Dewan Housing Finance Loan (DHFL) – Today, DHFL stands as one of the largest housing finance companies. The motto of the company is hidden in the words of the chairman who says, “I want every Indian to own a home of his own.” The key features are:
  • Dewan Housing Finance Company offers housing loan for different purposes like home improvement loans, home construction loans, plot loans, etc.
  • The effective interest rate is around 9.35% p.a  onwards.
  • Also, the loan payment tenure is very flexible and starts from 30 years.
  • They provide loan for both salaried and self-employed individuals.
  • The loan procedure is quite simple and fast.
  • No conversions are allowed under these kinds of loans.
3.Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (HDFC) – It is one of the major companies who provide finance for housing purpose in India. This company has also given approx. Rs. 456,000 crores in the last 35 years which gave loans for approximately a total of 4.4 million households. It provides a loan of around 65% of the total property value or cost. However, the application process is quite simplified and it has a lot of branches across the country which provides ease to the loan takers. The key associate for them is HDFC Bank Ltd. 4.PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) – It is a public sector housing company who has been fulfilling the dreams of owning a house of so many dreamers. This company is actually promoted by the Punjab National Bank. The key features for providing home loans of this company are:
  • This housing loan company provides housing loans to people for buying, constructing or extending their houses.
  • They provide the home loan in the fastest way removing wrinkles from a person’s forehead.
  • They also provide doorstep service, unlike many housing companies.
  • No guarantor is required in the process of taking a loan.
  • This housing company has won many awards for brand excellence in providing home loans.
5.Muthoot Housing Finance Company Ltd. – This Company is world famous as it is the largest gold financing company in the world. However, it is also famous as a housing loan financer. The key features are:
  • This Muthoot Housing Loan is almost like a personal loan for your home, which you can spend on miscellanea, be it on roofers to fix your roof, or for the new car you wanted.
  • It has a benefit of down payments and allows you a loan for various purposes.
  • Almost zero documentation is required for Muthoot Housing Loan.
  • No fee or charges are charged for prepayment of the loan.
  • No extra hidden charges or processing fee is charged to this housing loan company.
  • They allow or provide a loan amount of close to 1 crore INR according to the eligibility.
  1. Reliance Home Finance Ltd. – It is a wide-ranging company which is a part of Reliance Capital Ltd., one of India’s financial service companies. This company considers themselves as “partners” of people in their hunger of fulfilling their long-awaited dream of owning a house. The features of this company are:
  • No scheme of income proof is available in this company.
  • The loan tenure is very flexible.
  • You have very reasonable interest rates and there is an option of Balance Transfer as well.
  • The processing fee is almost 1 % of the loan amount.
  • No prepayment charges are charged.
  • Also, the EMI is quite low whelps the customers to repay the loan.
  • They provide door-step service and they maintain transparency in their work.
7.Shriram Housing Finance – This is a part of the greater Shriram Company whose headquarters are in Chennai. This particular housing finance home loan is an answer to your home financing needs as well as desires. This loan can be used for various purposes of housing but the basic feature which makes it home loan popular among its customers are:
  • Extensive and detailed documentation is not required
  • There are an availability of multiple loan schemes
  • No extra charges for prepayment or pre-closure of the home loan
  • The loan amount tenure is very flexible up to 20 years.
  • The maximum loan amount is 75 lakhs.
  1. LIC Housing Finance Ltd. – It is one of the largest housing finance companies across the country. It has helped over 2 lakh housing units by providing them housing loans. The main advantages offered are:
  • They have made their loan application process quite simple and hassle-free.
  • They maintain a transparency in their work
  • They are customer centric and gives utmost priority to customers.
  • Doorstep service by skilled professionals are provided
  • Very flexible and adjustable interest rates.
  • They do not charge any hidden cost.
  1. Gruh Finance Limited – This particular company is a subsidiary of HDFC Ltd. and is a recognized housing finance company in India. It provides various housing loan schemes. It provides loans to self-employed individuals and is not strict on checking income certificate. The key features of this finance company are:
  • They provide a faster processing of loan and also offers doorstep service,
  • Documentation is least in this company.
  • They offer long, flexible tenure with low EMI rates.
  • Offers affordable interest rates
10.Bajaj Housing Finance Limited – Bajaj Finserv is one of the best and popular home loan provider which not only provides easy home loans but also ideal housing solutions. Bajaj Housing Finance Ltd. is meant for various house hunters. Its unique features are:
  • There is an availability of balance transfer
  • There is a facility for part payment of the loan amount
  • Attractive interest rates with low EMIs
  • You can have an access to its site through online also
  • They offer a flexible loan scheme along with pre and part payment facilities.

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