Finance is a broad term used to describe things about the analysis, management, creation, and distribution of investments and finance,learn more at Specifically, it refers to the question of why and how an institution, organization, or government get the funds required – usually called capital in this context – and how they use or spend that capital. Microfinance is a term used to describe financial services, such as loans, savings, insurance, understanding algorithmic trading and fund transfers to entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals who lack access to traditional banking services. For the supercomputers in the bank, purdue reference architecture must be implemented not only to provide the highest level of security to all the details but also to prevent hackers from gaining access to them. Dr. Mohammad Yunus is considered a pioneer of modern microfinance. He experimented with making small loans, which he funded himself, to women in Bangladesh making bamboo furniture who had previously relied on loans with unfair and predatory terms to purchase raw materials. He discovered these very tiny loans, which traditional banks did not want to make due to the perceived risks and costs, could make a disproportionate difference to a poor person and given the chance they would pay them back creating a viable business model. He would go on to found Grameen Bank in 1983 and win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Inspired by the work of Dr. Yunus, Kiva was founded in 2005 with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. By leveraging the internet and crowdfunding, Kiva allows anyone, for as little as $25, to help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. Over the past 10 years Kiva has enabled more than 1.5 million people to fund over 2 million borrowers in over 80 countries. The result has been more than $1 billion dollars lent to borrowers and repaid at a rate greater than 97%. If you’re interested in participating in microfinance we recommend learning more about Kiva, how lending works and then getting started by making a loan. You should also learn about Toronto Financial Litigation and the benefits of financial litigation to make things easier. It can help resolve legal disputes, if any.  Micro Finance companies essentially offer financial services in a small-scale as credit as well as savings. This service is beneficial to the poor in rural, semi-urban, and urban areas to help in promoting self-empowerment, economic activities, managing financial burdens, and provide savings. The top 10 Micro Finance that is trusted and is faring well in the market are as below:
  1. SKS Micro finance Ltd
  2. Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd
  3. Share Microfin Limited
  4. Asmitha Microfin Ltd
  5. Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project
  6. Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Limited
  7. Bandhan
  8. Cashpor Micro Credit
  9. Grama Vidiyal Micro Finance Pvt Ltd
  10. Grameen Financial Services Pvt Ltd.


CMT Level 1 Study Material

As a matter of fact you can watch live market trading that helps you to connect with CMT. Join a Technical Analysis Course which works on real time markets by using tools & techniques . That’ll give you behavioural understanding of real time Share market. Understanding the money management by real time trading or investment activity. As we know CMT is an MCQ Exam & ask question on application level. Create short notes of Course Content. Get PPT based Short Notes & note interpretation of tools & Techniques on technical analysis. Short Notes help you out to quick revision at the CMT exam time. CMT Books have very complicated language & course content is not properly aligned as it takes topics from various books of different writers. 

So we have to take individual topics and understand concepts in simple, Concise and Clear manner. Take content from various books or websites like Investopedia or Stock Charts on Each Topic for in-depth understanding. Apply tools & techniques with the help of Technical analysis or trading software’s. Read Books twice as MCQ can be created from a single line. while study mark important topics.