NRIs can avail loans in India, but not all types of loans as available to a normal resident. There are not a lot of loans available to NRIs. Many public sector banks and private sector banks provide loans for NRIs. Following is a list of loans available to NRI’s in India:

NRI Home Loan

NRIs avail home loans in India to purchase or construct a property in India. They can even take loans for the improvement of their property in India.

Purpose of home loan

For the following purposes an NRI can take a home loan in India:


Loan amount

Home Loan Amount LTV ratio for Salaried applicants LTV ratio for Non-Salaried Applicants(Businessmen / Professionals / Self Employed)
Up to Rs. 75 lacs 80% 75%
Above Rs. 75 lacs 75% 70%


Under the RBI regulations, the repayment of the home loan by NRIs can only be made by remittances from abroad through normal banking channels or through NRE account/NRO account or out of rental income derived from the impugned property. The amount must be payable in Indian Rupees only.

Tax benefits

Tax benefits available to NRIs are same as available to resident Indians. The benefits are:


To get full details for documentation required for home loans contact the concerned bank.

Loan against Fixed deposits

NRIs can get an overdraft against their NRE FD / NRO FD / FCNR Deposit. The overdraft limit is different for all the types of deposits.

Deposit type OD limit
NRE 90% of the deposit amount
NRO 90% of the deposit amount
FCNR 70% of the deposit amount

If there is an outstanding overdraft against the account of NRI then premature withdrawal is not allowed
Interest rate on Overdraft against FCNR deposit will comprise of FCNR deposit rate, Swap cost and Spread
Repayment can be made either by adjustment of the Fixed Deposit or by fresh remittances from outside India through normal banking channels.

Loan against securities

Some banks in India provide loan against securities to NRIs. This loan is easily available and there is no need any other collateral, your pledged securities act as collaterals

For documentation and eligibility please contact the concerned bank.

NRI Car Loans

NRIs have started taking car loans in India in order to fulfil their dream of driving high-end cars. NRIs who frequently visit in India and have a passion for cars generally avail this loan. There are also some NRIs who want to purchase a car for their relatives living in India NRI car loans can be availed for purchasing a new or a used car.


NRI Car Loan Eligibility


15% of the on – road price of the car, which includes taxes, insurance, accessories and extended warranty total maintenance Package etc. The maximum cost of accessories, extended warranty and total maintenance package should not exceed 5% of the ex-showroom cost of the vehicle or Rs. 50,000/- whichever is lower.


Funds for repayment may be:

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