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Become a Certified Technical Analyst

Get your own Independent Technical Insight in Financial Markets

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Certified Technical Analyst

Complete Program on Technical Analysis with Real Time Market Access . Be prepare to Become a Technical Analyst.

workshop Mode
CTE - Workshop Mode is basically provide the brief insight to candidate on technical analysis tools & develop a mindset to implement technical analysis.
Expert Mode
CTE - Expert Mode is provide in depth on all technical analysis tools & stock filterations which implement in real time markets along with trading strategies
Professional Mode
CTE - Professional Mode implement all advanced trading strategy & technical analysis tools along with Exclusive mentor ship to implement in real time portfolio management .
Real Time Analysis
Projects and Assignments
Broad Area of Research
Industry Experts

Certified Technical Analyst - Expert Mode

Basics of Financial Markets

Technical Analysis study require first & foremost requirement is to understand the basic product & services of financial markets, market mechanism & risk management involved in the financial markets. As technical analysis is applicable to all financial product like equity, commodity & currency markets.

Trading Pshychology

Technical Analysis is a behavioral study & apply decision on the basis of conclusive study of tools techniques. It require mindset before apply technical analysis. It require understanding of emotional cycle of traders, trade execution process, common mistakes by traders & trade Cycles.

Basic of Charting

Technical Analysis is a study of effects & that effect read & measurable in the form of charts.There are various form of charting to interpret & analysis of data like line chart, bar chart candlestick chart, renko charts & point & figure chart.Now a days advance charting involve in depth information.

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Trend & Directional Analysis

We know that price moves in a trend & most of the value investor & momentum traders require trend & directional analysis to take decision making on their stock portfolio . Directional Analysis various tools & technique like Trends, Channel, Andrew Pitch Fork, Moving Averages etc.

Candle Stick Patterns

Candlestick Pattern is a most powerful tool for providing first indication or signal of reversal. The identification of the candlestick pattern is subjective and it always be identify with some set of rules. Candlestick pattern is identify on high sensitive area where investors either in fear or greed situation.

Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance is an important tool in technical analysis which provide the trading ranges where demand & supply create support & resistance. Support & Resistance is not a single tool it is created by combination of various tools. like pivot points , elliot wave , fibonacci retracement , gaps,price patterns etc.

Conclusive Study

Technical Analysis is a study of effects & conclusion which provide the trade plan on which any investor react in the financial markets. Conclusive study will provide you the trading plan with effective entry point , action, exit point & stop loss which enable you to trade at any phase of the market.

Indicators & Oscillators

Indicator & oscillator will provide the sentiment & psychology indication of the participants which provide the confirmation prior of your action in financial markets. We have provide you all application knowledge of Indicator & Oscillator at all available time frames.

Trading Strategies

All conclusive study through technical analysis is applicable in real world with best trading strategy which reduce risk & maximize our profits. Trading Strategy will depend on your trading style & technical analysis is effective study will provide the decision making at all time frames.

Real Time Market Access

All technical analysis study , tools & application of trading strategies in the real market of all market segment of equity, derivatives, commodity & currency as well as international markets. We are providing the solution to all doubts or issue while applying technical studies in real time markets.

Portfolio Management & Money Management

Money management is the process of investing in determined asset allocation in financial markets is that of an investment professional making investment decisions for large pools of funds . Portfolio Management is the process of selecting the best investment product in all asset class.

Stock Filteration

To get best selection of stock which perform max in short span of time .Stock Filtration technique combine various parameter to filer stocks out of a selected basket/index. Indicators , various behavioral tools & oscillator or provide combination of the all or any of the above tools.

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Certified Technical Analyst - Professional Mode

Certified Technical Analyst - Expert Mode

Certified Technical Professional includes all content of Certified Technical Expert like trading pshychology, trends , support & resistance , candlestick patterns, indicators & oscillators , trading strategies & real time market access, portfolio & money management along with real time market access.

Advance Derivative Analysis

In the modern world of Financial market portfolio managers have risk of volatility & to minimize risk derivative analysis provide solution . Derivative analysis includes Basic concept of derivatives, derivative valuation, derivative option strategies & application of strategy in real time market.

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Registered Investment Advisor

On successful completion of the examination, the candidate should know the basics of investment advisory, steps in the advisory process, making and implementation of financial plan.Understand how to evaluate different products, their suitability and how the recommendation of the same can impact investment risks, returns and strategies in a personal finance for investors.

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Trading System, Filteration & Back Testing

After well backed with knowledge of technical analysis tools & certified technical professional expected to understand the application of stock filtration to ascertain the best stock out of the basket. Student develop their own trading strategies & system & back test to ascertain the results for more updated of strategies with market pace.

Advance Softwares Training like Ami Broker, Vision Alpha & Optuma

Developing new trading system student have better knowledge & understanding of tools & trading systems. In certified Technical Professional must understand & get expertise to play with different advanced technical software like Ami Broker, Meta stock, Optuma etc.

3 Month Live Market Mentorship

Candidate is well merged with knowledge & application of trading strategies to cope up the market behavior & develop the best strategies, use best risk management tools to maximize her performance . In 3 Months student play with real money to understand the importance of risk management, diversification , trade management & dealing with unforeseen situation & attain success.

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career pathways

Technical Analyst

Every Brokerage house required analyst to help their customers in personal to take wise & viable decision making to trade in various instrument in the financial markets.Brokerage Houses business is mainly depend on analyst performance which create best return for the customers.

Derivative Analyst

All financial decision making requires best trading strategy that works in all kind of markets. For maximize profits every investor require trading strategy with minimize risk involved in portfolio. Derivative analyst help customers to create most suitable trading strategy according to the condition prevail in markets.

Investment Advisors

Now a days brokers provide complete financial planning solution which includes investment, insurance, retirement planning & tax planning.They provide personalized services & solutions to their customers to fulfill their financial needs on every day basis.

Registered Research Analyst

Candidate is ready to become registered research analyst licensed by SEBI to provide the research & trading strategies to their customers . Candidate also represent their advises on the public domain like website or financial news channel.

Relationship Manager

Relationship manager play a vital role in the revenue generation for the organization. He is manage front end operation & directly managing customers on personal basis. A active & efficient relationship manager create brand & reputation & help organization to achieve their goals.

Portfolio Manager

After attaining the necessary skill , knowledge of markets & tools & application of trading strategies in real time markets along with back testings. Candidate also offering services of personalized portfolio management services or working with the portfolio management services based companies.


why us ?

We are keep close working with industry needs & customized our program

Live Interships

To create corporate ready students we manage to provide internship with stipend and also provide certain industry certifications by professional bodies .

Placement Assistance

We constantly connect with the industry people and many recruiters to provide best advantage to the Technical Analysis students.

Industry Expert Faculty

Faculty in Technical Analysis Course require Industry Experts which also provide industry insights and current trend and apply tools & indicators in Real time Markets.


Expert Mode

Certified Technical Analysts
Inclusive All
  • Basics of Charting
  • Directional Tools
  • Indepth Implementation of Support & Resistance Tools
  • Advance Indicators & Oscillators
  • Real Time Trade Setups Implementations
  • Real Time Market Trading Strategies
  • Traders Pschychology
  • Portfolio Management for All Trading Styles
  • Duration 45 Hours (1 Month)

Professional Mode

Certified Technical Analysts
Inclusive All
  • Basics of Charting
  • Directional Tools
  • Indepth Implementation of Support & Resistance Tools
  • Advance Indicators & Oscillators
  • Real Time Trade Setups Implementations
  • Real Time Market Trading Strategies
  • Traders Pschychology
  • Portfolio Management for All Trading Styles
  • Personal Mentoring Program
  • Analyst Job Ready
  • Internship - 3 Months
  • Duration 120 Hours (3 Month)

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