#No.1 Future & Options (F&O) Trading Course

Futures & Options Trading in Stock Market

Learn Basics of Future and Options simultaneously to advanced strategies of futures and options and for that Join our complete course on derivative analysis. To consequently learn a complete road map to advanced future and options (F&O)  and on other hand the subject of step by step modules based study such as basics future and options training, future and options trading strategies to invest in stock market, complete methodology of share market investment in F&O, future and options trading charts and so on offered by professional training academy in Jaipur Rajasthan. If you operate a stock trading service then you understand the challenges that go into marketing yourself and your business. You are in a highly competitive environment with both national wellness chains and small businesses like yours. The problem is that it might be hard for you for your specific services to stand out to potential traders.


A lot of your content can seem dry and repetitive, especially if your clients are itching to invest in a major company like Apple or Disney. If you already have a website, you may have a handful of service pages with a couple of paragraphs on them. However, you cannot possibly spend time building out the website the way you want with your busy schedule looming over you use a branding company to boost your business. You are busy running a company and you do not have the time to explain to someone why they need to be scheduling regular maintenance check-ups and responding to comments on Facebook.

Futures & Options Course Modules

F&O Stock Market Course Features

Practical Based Learning with Real Time Practical Application

Online and Offline Class Training Modes with flaxible timing

Live Recorded Lectures to learn Future & Options Trading

Internship under Industry Experts with Job Assistance

F&O Trading Course Fee Structure

Become Certified Derivative Analyst

  • Learn all about F&O like future and options trading basics, future and options strategies, advanced derivatives techniques and more.
  • Learn about to invest in F&O indian stock markets from the ground up.
  • Learn the many techniques to trading in F&O stock investing.
  • Study of Financial Institution, their Balance Sheets, company financial statements
  • Learn about advanced derivatives and futures contracts tactics
  • Acquire hands-on practical knowledge using Technical Analysis tools.
  • Fully accoutered course of derivative analysis with future and options

Certified Derivative Analyst

Complete Program on Professional Expertise in Financial Markets
32500 3 Months (Mon - Fri.)
  • Practical with Live Market Access
  • 100 % Job Assistance
  • Money Making Strategies
  • Unlimited Practical Hours
  • Stock Market Experts Instructions
  • Small Batches for Better Guidance

F&O Course Certifications

Trading of financial assets has undergone a revolution because of financial markets. Therefore, it is essential to acquire expertise in technical indicators, algorithmic trading, and equities analysis. In a context of intense competition, returns should be maximise by making extensive use of technology and well-defined strategy. and in order to help you acquire this essential knowledge, we provide NISM, NSE, and BSE certification courses. Through these courses, you will use simulators to gain exposure to real-time markets.

Derivative Analysis Course Certification Partners

1. NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination Course in Jaipur, The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is responsible for the test aims to provide a standard minimum level of expertise for associates who work as authorized users and sales representatives for the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or the equity derivative part of an established stock exchange.

The assessment seeks to provide a deeper knowledge of the numerous derivatives products that are offered in equity derivatives markets, as well as the rules, dangers, and exchange clearing and settlement methods.

2. CDA (Certified Derivative Analysis) Certification by Professional Training Academy Jaipur, followed certification will be offered only meet the successfully completion of future and options trading course designed by our institute and meetup all the respective practical knowledge by the students. certification will be awarded as a successfully completion of future and options course by the individual under the guidance experts and authorized professional experts.

Stock Market Course FAQ's

Yes, Professional Training Academy has professional experts who have years of expertise in the stock market’s financial field and who teaches students how to do practical implementation of stock market trading techniques. 

Yes, Professional Training Academy Provides 100 % Job Assistance after Course Completion and Prepares Students for Job Interviews.

Professional Training Academy provides Free Stock Market Course demo classes before Enrollment in Offered Stock Market Courses by the Academy. After the student’s satisfaction with the demo classes and course content, he or she gets enrolled for a course and with related certificates.

To check the fee structure for the stock market professional course, you can go over to the ptaindia’s official site, www.ptaindia.com, and check the mentioned stock market course’s respective fee structure with course features.

Professional Training Academy provides flexible class timing for students and working professionals.

About Stock Market Course Classes


CMT Level 1 Study Material

As a matter of fact you can watch live market trading that helps you to connect with CMT. Join a Technical Analysis Course which works on real time markets by using tools & techniques . That’ll give you behavioural understanding of real time Share market. Understanding the money management by real time trading or investment activity. As we know CMT is an MCQ Exam & ask question on application level. Create short notes of Course Content. Get PPT based Short Notes & note interpretation of tools & Techniques on technical analysis. Short Notes help you out to quick revision at the CMT exam time. CMT Books have very complicated language & course content is not properly aligned as it takes topics from various books of different writers. 

So we have to take individual topics and understand concepts in simple, Concise and Clear manner. Take content from various books or websites like Investopedia or Stock Charts on Each Topic for in-depth understanding. Apply tools & techniques with the help of Technical analysis or trading software’s. Read Books twice as MCQ can be created from a single line. while study mark important topics.