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Finding the best travel insurance company Read this to end your search

Travel insurance is not yet mandatory in India but effectively it is as in some foreign countries it is mandatory to have a travel insurance in order to get visa procedure done. It is not compulsory in New Zealand too as the last time I had applied for a New Zealand ETA online I did not have to go through any such procedure of acquiring travel insurance. Regardless of the purpose of the tour, whether it is for higher studies or just for a recreational purpose, you should definitely have a travel insurance plan. It should be the foremost step that you should do when you plan to take a trip abroad. A travel insurance policy will protect you against common risks such as passport delays, flight delays, baggage misplacement, hospitalization, mugging, hijacking, theft, etc., in the foreign land.

This is the list of the top 5 travel insurance companies, which can help you to find the best travel insurance plan offered by the insurers in a short span of time:

     1.  ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading general insurance providers, offers some well-appointed solutions to put your travel-related apprehensions to rest. It provides plans which are made by keeping in mind the problems that one can face when going abroad.

Reasons to buy ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

  • They offer approved travel insurance plans that are tailor-made to suit Schengen visa requirements
  • The $ 25,000 travel insurance plan for Asia secures you against baggage loss, trip delays, extensions, and accidents
  • Assurance for frequent trips-Travel frequently and conveniently with the Gold Multi-Trip plan and secure up to 30, 45 or 60 days per trip yearly
  • Secure your travel with an insurance plan that offers you a sum insured of up to $500,000
  • Their policy allows you coverage up to 85 years of age without having to undergo any prior medical tests
  • Provides a travel insurance plan that lets you avail cashless hospitalization facility worldwide
  • Offer coverage for total loss of checked-in baggage including handbag

Types of ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance:

  1. International Travel Insurance-Single Round Trip
  2. Travel Insurance – Gold Multi-Trip
  3. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  4. Asia Plan

    2. BAJAJ Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz provides a comprehensive travel insurance that can help you when you face trouble or financial setbacks in the foreign land so that you can travel overseas with your loved with by keeping all the worries aside.

Reasons to buy BAJAJ Allianz Travel Insurance:

  • Covers loss of baggage/passport
  • Covers flight delays & trip cancellations
  • Associated with reputed airline partners like Jettly 
  • Cashless medical facility abroad
  • Quick claim settlement
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Extensive coverage at competitive price
  • Multiple payment options
  • The only insurance company with in-house international toll-free and fax numbers.
  • Innovative packages to match individual needs.
  • Quick disbursement of claims.
  • Student and senior citizen specific insurance covers.
  • Covers expenses of hospitalization, loss of baggage, trip cancellation, trip curtailment and burglary of your home.

Types of Travel Insurance plans offered by Bajaj Allianz:

  1. Bajaj Allianz Individual Travel Insurance Policy
  2. Bajaj Allianz Family Travel Insurance Policy
  3. Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy
  4. Bajaj Allianz Student Travel Insurance Policy
  5. Corporate Travel Insurance
  6. Travel Asia
  7. Bharat Bhraman

    3. Reliance General Travel Insurance

Reliance General Reliance General Travel Insurance provides travel insurance plans according to various destinations. Reliance has specific international travel insurance plans designed for Asia, Schengen countries, Annual Trips, Senior Citizens & Overseas trips. Reliance General Travel Insurance will help you enjoy your trip in peace by providing all the necessary covers.

Key Benefits of Reliance General Travel Insurance:

  • Free international SIM Card with every international travel insurance quote
  • Most preferred family plan starting from just Rs 306*
  • No paperwork
  • No medical check-up until the age of 90 years
  •   Cashless hospitalization

Types of Travel Insurance Plans offered by Reliance General:

  1. Reliance Travel Care – Asia Policy. As the name suggests the Asia Travel Insurance policy is designed specifically for travellers wandering around Asia.
  2. The Reliance Travel Care – Schengen Policy, as the name suggests is designed specifically for travellers wandering around any of the Schengen countries.
  3. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy
  4. Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Policy. It offers you coverage for multiple trips in the period of one year, so you don’t have to stress about applying for international travel insurance every single time
  5. Reliance Student Travel Insurance in a plan which is tailored for students
  6. Plans for other destinations are also available-South Africa, Middle East, Australia, UK, South America, USA and Canada

    4.  TATA AIG Travel Insurance

One of the unique features about TATA AIG Travel Insurance is that Travel Insurance policies from Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited takes care of emergencies during your travel, whether overseas or domestic. It covers personal accident, medical expenses, loss of passport, trip delay, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and other risks while travelling abroad.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans offered by Tata AIG:

  1. Travel Guard(International Travel Insurance Policy)
  2. Student Guard- Overseas Health Insurance Plan(Student Travel Insurance Policy)
  3. Asia Travel Guard Policy (Asia Travel Insurance Policy)
  4. Domestic Travel Guard Policy (Domestic Travel Insurance Policy)

   5.    HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance

HDFC Ergo offers comprehensive travel insurance policies for customers to protect them from various threats/risks that come along with traveling for you to enjoy the vacation -free of worries.

Reasons to buy HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance:

  • Various travel insurance plan options across geographies including Schengen countries and length of travel to suit every need
  • Buy travel insurance policy online instantly in 3 easy steps
  • Enjoy optimum coverage at the most affordable price
  • Enjoy 24*7 HDFC ERGO’s international travel assistance support
  • Manage your overseas travel insurance policy online to match policy period with your travel dates

Types of Travel Insurance plans offered by HDFC Ergo:

  1. Individual Travel Insurance
  2. Family Travel Insurance
  3. Student Travel Insurance
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