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Finance For Non Finance

A Holistic Approach to Develop Program For Non Finance become Finance Professional

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Finance For Non Finance

Finance For Non Finance
The Finance for non-finance program enables professionals,Non Finance Background Students, especially from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, human resource, research and development, production, procurement, to gain an extensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy-to-follow manner & Develop Advance Career in the Field of Finance.
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Highlights of FInance For Non Finance

Introduction to Financial Planning

The module would cover in detail the Financial Planner Competency Profile, the six step process which includes Financial Planning process, client interactions,management, financial mathematics, personal financial statements, cash flow and debt management, FPSB India’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Model Rules of Conduct, and the regulatory environment related to the Financial Planning domain.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning cover the critical knowledge of different asset classes and interplay amongst them, the products constituting such classes and their investment risk profile to enable the management of a client’s finances towards achieving various financial goals. The development of vital understanding of the basic risk profile of the client so as to astutely recommend appropriate asset allocation is a crucial area requiring mastery.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning cover the knowledge of basic strategies towards achievement of objectives of a client of his/her post-retirement financial and other needs. Application of knowledge and abilities to execute the retirement strategy to attain the required corpus by systematically building the required corpus. The emphasis would also be on the process of wealth creation and its protection and liquidity aspects in the approaching years to retirement and in the post-retirement period.

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Tax & Estate Planning

This module would cover the knowledge requirements specifically related to Direct Taxes and personal taxation.The emphasis is on tax efficiency of transactions at all stages, viz. structuring of emoluments, saving taxes within permissible limits as suited to long-term goals, investing, spending, gifting and transferring wealth. The Estate planning is emphasized not as a late stage requirement but a necessary succession arrangement always in place for all assets – fixed, physical and financial.

Insurance Planning

It cover the knowledge requirements relating to insurance needs and risk assessment of clients. The evolution process requires advice on decisions in selecting various types of insurance related to personal finance for clients. This includes protection against exposures to risks of mortality, health, disability, property, liability, and long term care risk.

Advance Financial Planning

The strategies outlined present the situation before a prospective financial planner to assess and analyze the given information within the ambit of certain constraints and look out for possible opportunities. Also envisaged is the critical evaluation of the strategies for the desired pathway to a financial plan as well as the development of alternative strategies to modify the plan.The emphasis is on recognizing the laid down strategies as possible alternatives to seek the most appropriate solutions.

advantages of CFA

Microsoft Office Experts

As Financial Planner provide financial plan construction to their customers & take decision by apply data analysis through Microsoft excel which require data collate, apply various financial modelling techniques to choose best alternative for their customers.

1 Year On Job Internship

As Financial Planner is take decision making job on behalf of customer to achieve their financial goals . Professional Training Academy provide 1 year supervisory stipend based training to the students which covers client handling, data gathering , financial plan construction & financial decision making for customers.

Cambridge Business English

Cambridge Business English accepted globally by top international companies ,education institutions and business schools. Improve your career opportunities – get the English language skills you need to be successful. Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English.

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Advance Investment Analysis - Equity Reseach

Investment Analysis is an advance module which provide the behavioral understanding in real time financial market to provide best proven strategies for their customers to achieve their financial goals & maximize returns.

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career pathways

Financial Planner

A financial planner is a professional who helps you organize your finances and projects the results of your savings and investments

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business

Wealth Manager

A wealth manager is a subset of financial advisor that primarily serves high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals

Research Analyst

A research analyst is a professional who prepares investigative reports on securities or assets for in-house or client use.

Relationship Manager

Identify key contacts at potential client companies to establish and foster a relationship

MBA - Finance

A Strong Foundation by this course help you out to go for MBA - Finance in India or Abroad


why us ?

We are keep close working with industry needs & customized our program

Live Interships

To create corporate ready students we manage to provide internship with stipend and also provide certain industry certifications by professional bodies .

Placement Assistance

We constantly connect with the industry people nd many recruiters to provide best advantage to the CFP students.

Industry Expert Faculty

Faculty in CFP Course require Industry Experts which also provide industry insights and current trend and changes in the wealth management or Financial Planning Industry.


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Finance For Non Finance
  • Source of Finance
  • Source of Investment
  • Financial Mathematics (Time Value of Money)
  • Stock Markets In India
  • Real Time Simulation & Case Study
  • 12 Hours of Classroom Training
  • Certification by NSE Academy

Classroom Mode

Finance For Non Finance
  • 5 Broad Module of Finance
  • Basic of Finance
  • Data Analytics (Advance Excel)
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Derivatives (Risk Management)
  • Equity Research
  • Real Time Simulation & Case Study
  • 100 Hours of Classroom Training
  • 5 Certification By Microsoft , NSE Academy & NISM

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