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Certified Credit Professional - CCP

Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Credit Officer is an certification program offered by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) to those who want to gain knowledge in all Credit Function of Bank. Every candidate want expertise of all product, risk assessment & Risk Management to deal with credit function in Bank on day to day basis.

Certified Credit Officer is an program is run & managed by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF). IIBF is an professionally body to providing training & educating existing employees of member banks (677 Banks & financial Institutions are member & 4,50,000 employees of banks are as individual members). 

To develop professionally qualified and competent credit professionals primarily through a process of education, training, examination, consultancy/counseling and continuing professional skill development programmes to perform different credit functions.

Credit Professional are perform function in Public Sector , Private Bank & Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC’s) which are grown by 20 % CAGR in India. Credit Professional Contributes over 50% CAGR growth in Credit Consumer Segment & business loans due to increase Financial Inclusion in Indian Economy. Now Bank are powerfull & growing platform to shape your credit profession.

Certified Credit Officer broadly cover various topics & Professional Training Academy provide practical aspects & implication in real time situations.

Broad Coverage

Loan Policy
Credit appraisal
Analysis of Financial statements
Project Finance
Working Capital Management
Export Credits
Credit Monitoring
Management of Impaired Assets etc.

  • Existing / Newly posted officers in Credit department
  • Persons identified for the Credit department
  • People aspiring to become credit officers in banks
  • Undergraduate & postgraduate student those want to enter in Banks & financial Institutions. 
  • A graduate in any discipline
  • The examination is open to members of IIBF as well as Non-members, who are employees of banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Members of the Institute, preferably CAIIB

Credit Officer Course has two components viz.,
a) Online examination for 100 marks based on a specially designed courseware
on credit management
b) Classroom Learning of 3 days

  • Virtual Class Room Learning will be made available from December 2017 (Details of Schedule of Virtual Class Room Learning and registration process will be published in the website)
  • Candidate, who do not complete their Class Room Learning (3-day Virtual Class Room Learning) in their first attempt, need to enroll again for 3-day Virtual Class Room Learning by paying a fee of `1,000/-* for the second attempt of Class Room Learning.
  • Candidates who do not complete their Class Room Learning (3-day Virtual Class Room Learning) in their second attempt, need to enroll again for the course of paying a fee of `6,000/-*.
  • Candidates may opt for 3-day Class Room Learning instead of Virtual Class Room Learning by paying a fee of `9,000/-*. * Plus convenience charges and Taxes as applicable. The fee once paid will NOT be refunded or adjusted on any account.

Professional Training Academy Charge 12,500 Rupees + GST (18%) as applicable (Include Study Material & Mock Test)

IIBF Charge Fees 6,000/-* for the entire certification process, which would include the first attempt online examination fee and Class Room Learning fee i.e. 3-day Virtual Class Learning.

– Candidates, who do not pass the online examination in their first attempt, need to enroll again by paying a fee of 200/-* for the second attempt of online examination.

– Candidates who do not pass the online examination in their second attempt, need to enroll again by paying a fee of 6,000/-*.

Credit Management

1. Minimum marks for pass in the subject is 50 out of 100 for online examination
2. Minimum 25 marks for pass out of 50 marks in the Classroom learning.

Examination will be conducted in English only.


  1. Question Paper will contain 100 objective type multiple choice questions including situation analysis / problem based questions for a total of 100 marks

2. The examination will be held in Online Mode only

3. There will NOT be negative marking for wrong answers.

The duration of the examination will be of 2 hours


  1. Examination will be conducted on pre-announced dates published on IIBF Web Site. Institute conducts examination on half yearly basis, however periodicity of the examination may be changed depending upon the requirement of banking industry.
  2. List of Examination centers will be available on the website. (Institute will conduct examination in those centers where there are 20 or more candidates.)


Application for examination should be registered online from the Institute’s website www.iibf.org.in. The schedule of examination and dates for registration will be published on IIBF website.

Certified Credit Professional prepare you for the various job & give you job opportunities in NBFC’s , Credit Analysis Companies  & Private Bankers . Any Individual play a various job  roles of credit functions :

Credit Consultant (Self Employed)

Credit Research

Credit Analyst

Credit Compliance Officer

Credit Sales Manager

Credit Recovery Officer

Credit Legal Officers

Credit Proposal Executives

Relationship Manager

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