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Certified Market Professional(CMP)

Certified Market Professional(CMP)
Complete Program on Financial Markets along with real time market internships
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Highlights of CMP

Basics of Financial Markets

This module provide the basic understanding of the basic finance concept which include financial mathematics, source of finance, source of investment , stock market mechanism & understanding of different markets.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis module is provide data analysis of the price movement through which an analyst get more clarity to take financial decision making & maximize returns.Technical analysis consist of Trading Psychology, Trend & moving Averages, Support & Resistance, Money Management & Trading Conclusion.

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Derivatives Analysis

In the modern world of Financial market portfolio managers have risk of volatility & to minimize risk derivative analysis provide solution . Derivative analysis includes Basic concept of derivatives, derivative valuation, derivative option strategies & application of strategy in real time market.

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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a study to understand the forces which impact Economy,Industry & Companies. In this study we understand behavioral impact of factors on different asset class in a portfolio. Fundamental is evaluating the valuation of equity by analyze financial statements & ratio analysis.

Compliances & Operations

As SEBI as regulator make markets strengthen & transparent by providing strict compliance requirement for trading members like KYC norms, Price Settlement & arbitration process . SEBI introduced various compliance based certification exam for the same.

Commodity & Currency

Commodity & Currency markets are proven asset class which provide decent return in past few years. These markets are internationally operated & less volatile then equity markets. A portfolio manager opted various asset allocation technique to maximize returns.

Microsoft Excel

As we know the financial markets are completely require the skills to create, manager & analyze the financial data on a every day working in financial markets. We equipped our student with advanced learning in function, formula, shortcuts& trick for finance.

Software Training

Student apply their financial concept on real time market to identify their best suitable strategy . PTA Provide best software training to the student which matches the industry needs. Software includes sharekhan's Trade Tiger, Meta Trader 4, & AMI Broker.

Interview Prepration

Fianncial Markets are always ready to recruit candidate those have necessary skill set & regulatory certification of their knowledge. We help them students to prepare for their interview & provide necessary skill to perform best in their interviews.

Graduation Programs


Financial Markets Intermediaries requires certain regulatory certification on compulsion basis to perform the job . We ensure & prepare student for the certification like Equity Certification, Derivatives ,Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Compliance , Risk Management & Mutual Funds

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Technical & Fundamental Analyst

Every Brokerage house required analyst to help their customers in personal to take wise & viable decision making to trade in various instrument in the financial markets.Brokerage Houses business is mainly depend on analyst performance which create best return for the customers.

Derivative Analyst

All financial decision making requires best trading strategy that works in all kind of markets. For maximize profits every investor require trading strategy with minimize risk involved in portfolio. Derivative analyst help customers to create most suitable trading strategy according to the condition prevail in markets.

Investment Advisors

Now a days brokers provide complete financial planning solution which includes investment, insurance, retirement planning & tax planning.They provide personalized services & solutions to their customers to fulfill their financial needs on every day basis.

Institutional Dealer

Dealers are the common position on which employee take order from customer & punching the same orders in their software's. They have to manage order execution process as well as risk management.Dealer also provide confirmation or order execution information to the customer on daily basis.

Relationship Manager

Relationship manager play a vital role in the revenue generation for the organization. He is manage front end operation & directly managing customers on personal basis. A active & efficient relationship manager create brand & reputation & help organization to achieve their goals.

Compliance & Operations

Every Stock Broker require to efficiently deal with day to day risk management & compliance applied by the regulators . Their are strict compliance code followed in KYC's, Risk Management, Payment Obligation & De materialization etc. which create a compliance liability on financial intermediaries.


why us ?

We are keep close working with industry needs & customized our program

Live Interships

To create corporate ready students we manage to provide internship with stipend and also provide certain industry certifications by professional bodies .

Placement Assistance

We constantly connect with the industry people nd many recruiters to provide best advantage to the CFP students.

Industry Expert Faculty

Faculty in CFP Course require Industry Experts which also provide industry insights and current trend and changes in the wealth management or Financial Planning Industry.

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